1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – July 2014

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My Car/Truck Videos | New parts bought | Knitted vinyl seat material Cam specs – custom grind (spec by Randy 460 forum – grind by Lunati  272/282@.006″ – 225/233@.050″ – 136/143@.200″ – .320″/.312″ lobe lift, (.576″/.562″ with 1.8/1 ratio rocker arms), 109 separation; 107 intake centerline. 

All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green – Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website.
Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

1972 Montego GT 429 – July 2014 Updates

Parts used for the 521 motor



521 stroker kit
Eagle Crank
Eagle Rods
Mahle Pistons (.030 over)
ARP bolts
Hi Volume melling oil pump
Pioneer Harmonic balancer
New timing cover (painted)
Ford Racing 8 quart Oil Pan
PRW roller rockers (1/8)
PRW water pump

Custom grind cam by Lunati
Lunati lifters

Edelbrock heads (Assembled)
ARP head bolts

Torker II manifold
Pertronix Distributor
Moroso distributor clamp


timing cover

Pics taken of the machined block – with crank and cam installed 7-2-14




July 7th – the motor is almost done.

521 ford 01

521 ford 02

521 ford 03

521 ford 04

521 ford 05

01 070114 painted motor mount pieces
7-1-14 Paint coil bracket and motor mount pieces

02 070814 motor is back

7-7-14 Brought my motor back to the shop

03 motor unveiled

04 motor unveiled


05 motor unveiled

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06 motor unveiled

07 motor unveiled

08 070914 motor piece

11 071014

12 071014

7-10-2014 Wetsanded and polished the front of the heads

Alternator bracket before sandblasting and painting


09 motor with pulley

10 motor with pulley

July 10th Polished the front side of the heads (these had small scratches on them, so I sanded and polished)
Week of July 18th Been working on the brackets and such.
Cut the wires to fit to make them clean looking as possible. Hard to do on a Ford.
No spray can here. All black parts were sprayed with SEM Hot Rod Black which is a very good catalyzed urethane. All parts were also sandblasted and sealed before painting. Power steering pump is on the way. Going to spray it the original dark blue metallic color.Decided on going with an updated Sanden compressor along with a parallel condensor for the a/c. Love to see it get 40-45 at the vents.

motor spark plug01

motor spark plug02
Above 2 pics taken July 21

evaporator case large
July 21 – Finally got the evaporator case installed. Took the case apart and took the evaporator in to get it checked out. An A/C shop said it was fine.
I polished the main lines of the evaporator. Need to get a new expansion valve and POA valve.


11 071214 engine part
Power steering pump and cooler before

13 071614 powersteering before

20 power steering pump
July 22nd – received my new power steering pump. Have it prepped (along with stripping the dip stick) and ready for paint.
Just got it in about an hour ago.

14 072314 powersteering after

21 power steering pump
My original pump on the left. I mixed up some paint to match the original color they used on the power steering pumps. I made up a basecoat/clearcoat. The original was a single stage paint. Notice the factory run.

22 power steering pump
All the parts freshened up and repainted before reassembly

15 072314 powersteering after

July 23, 2014 – power steering pump back together

July 23rd marks the day that I bought the car one year ago.