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  1. miloh111 says:

    Is this all correct?


     I had a little trouble getting throught all the sign up and was hoping you could tell me if it all looks allright? In the meantime I will attempt to travel the site and ck it all out.


     Thanks, William.

  2. hairwhite says:

    1998 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Limited Anniversary Edition

    Looking for badges for fenders and front of Batwing.  Also, the Limited # is worn off from polishing the bike. Any information or email I can contact Harley Davidson to order a new #'d plaque?

    Thank you


    • acp says:



      You can try this page. This has some 95th anniversary emblems listed.

      This is our special request page – I have some of those emblems listed,

      We personally do not have these for sale

      Good luck to you.

  3. hairwhite says:

    Good Morning:     I did bid

    Good Morning:

         I did bid on those 2 95th Anniversary Emblems,  but was outbid by $1.00.  I see there are both back on the bid board for $114.00 from the $84.00  that they were sold @. hours earlier.

         Do you have any information regarding the "Limited #…… of 3000 Production"?  My tank Plaque is scrubbed clean.   Nedd a new one!



    • acp says:

      Sorry, I do not have any

      Sorry, I do not have any information on the 95th anniversary Harley emblems. You will need to contact the seller direct.
      I did recently have a set, but sold them a couple months back
      Good luck

    • acp says:

      Man, don’t you hate when that happens? Probably hard emblems to find to. Hope you find another set of emblems.

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