How to build a motorcycle paint stand for under 30 bucks

#2 Step by Step building a simple and effective parts stand

I went to Home Depot with a mission, I wasn't leaving until I came
up with a way I can easily hold motorcycle parts while painting
and also buffing. Below is what I came up with. I have been using
them for quite a while now without any problems. All the materials
used for this stand was bought at Home Depot. Best of all, each
stand cost less than $30 to make
It also took me less than 10 minutes to make this stand!


1 stand (lumber)
2 bolts, 4 washers, 2 nuts (fastener)
flat steel with holes (fasten)
Duct Tape (plumbing)
Air conditioning pipe covering (plumbing)


die grinder
screw driver


Here you see the stand with the roller taken off. You can
do this by pushing in one end of the roller axis. I leave
one of the stands just like this so I can use for FXST type
front fenders. You simply bolt it on the outside of the stand.
You can do two fenders at one time if needed. This also gives
you the ability to spray the underside of the fenders as well.


All the materials are laid out that you need for the parts


Cut the metal so you have five full holes, and a 1/2 hole
on each side. Then take a grinder and round off the top corners.
You will need two of these.


Attach these to where the roller originally went. I placed
these on the outside of the mounting tab.


This is the backside view


Now cut a piece of the air conditioning line material so that
it overhangs each end of the metal about 1 to 1 1/2"
on each side. I have this turned sideways so you can get a
better view of it.


Now take your duct tape and wrap it around the air tubing
toward the center


There you have it. These work great for All Softail fenders
and also import tanks.


Best of all, you can adjust the stands up or down. They are sturdy enough you can also buff on them. I now have 20 of these stands. They work great!