Attitude Custom Painting Testimonial – 2002


Testimonials from 2002


Thanks for the incredible job. I've been out riding since I put the parts on my bike and it draws a crowd everywhere. Everyone compliments the paint quality, layout and colors. You and your staff were a pleasure to deal with and responded to every request in a very timely manner. Your talent and pride in your work shows.
Anyone reading this and considering a source for their custom paint job. STOP!!! Send your parts to Scott. You will be delighted with the end result. I've seen jobs done by good artist. I've seen jobs done by good painters. Scott is both, as well as a good communicator. He understands what you want and delivers.
Thanks again, Raymond Christy


Scott, just wanted to take a minute to send you this thank you. I had visited your website for about 6 months before decidng on having my paint job done. After everything I had seen and read on your site, I had no reservations what so ever and I knew you were the one I was gonna have paint my Harley. Your work is awesome! Everyone who has seen my scooter comments about the paint and ask who did it.
The pictures on the web just don't do the paint job justice. I would like to say to anyone who is considering hiring you, "dont hesitate and don't worry", Scott is an artist and probably cares more about the final product than you do. If any one wants to see more pictures of my paint job, they can see them at my website and . If my dream of buying a second Harley (Road King) come true, you will be seeing the sheet metal from it.
Take care and thanks a million……….Jim

I just wanted to say thanks again to ATTITUDE Custom Painting for sending me a great custom paint set for my 91FXSTC . I looked at the web site and saw the custom paint work and bought a set of fenders and tanks off Ebay. Just arrived today and it looks GREAT ! Cant wait to put it on the bike
Thanks Again Brian
I would like to start out with thanking Scott for the fanominal job on the skull flames, This was the first of its kind for you and the best paint job I have ever seen. Second, I would like to thank you for keeping me updated on your progress and such a fast turn around. Everyone who has seen it has asked where it was done, And I gladly told them of your reasonable prices and location. The bike show at Biff's was a great turnout and I had lots of people asking about my bike.
Again thanks,That was a great feeling! Scott I would recommend Attitude Custom Painting to everyone who is looking for an Outstanding Paint job!!!

Upon closing I would like to say, That with my job I travel all over the U.S. and I have seen lots of paint jobs but, I have never seen anything that comes remotely close to Attitude Custom Painting!

Tracy Denning

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10-22-02 – Jeff Lawrance – Oregon – Signature Series #010
Sorry for the belated "testimonial" feedback … I've been busy marveling over the beautiful paint job you did for my 01 FXDWG. I just now got around to putting humpty dumpty back together and I think the bike looks striking compared to the OEM diamond ice paint. The candy sure makes the chrome stand out which was my # 1 goal. Thanks for the recommendation! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the paint set. I don't think I've been as pleased as much with anything else I've put on the bike … this is a good compliment considering the number of things I've done to the bike.
I sincerely appreciate your dedication to your work, your professionalism as well as the outstanding quality anf craftsmanship of your delivered product. I was very skeptical about having a paint job done 3500+ miles from home (Oregon/Florida) however your process of sending status/update picts and email was excellent and help put my mind at ease until the pictures came to live when the boxes showed up on my door step. I
will happily refer anyone looking for paint set to come knocking at your "Internet" door.
Thanks again.
Sincerely, Jeff P.S. I've attached a few picts … more available on the web site below.
jeff lawrence
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Received, Installed and thrilled with the job you did, Your talent really "shines". Inclosed is some pics, We will be going to bike nite later on this evening and have cards in hand. Thanks
Dennis Meabon

I wanted to share my total satisfaction on the paint job you just completed for me! I've already had several individuals gawking at the ghost flames (even the Harley guys at the Dale Mabry location), all sharing nice comments on how nice the bike looks. It turned out better than I imagined it would, and I'll certainly recommend your work to anyone I run into in the biker community.
Also, thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping my get that starter working! Your efforts were more than I could have asked for, and this is only a reflection of how you run your entire operation – great job!
For anyone who's looking to have you paint their bike, feel free to have them call me (813-293-1233) and I'll be more than happy to share my positive experiences with them.
Hope to see you at the shows.
Todd Rogers

Dear Scott,
Thank you for such a beautiful flame job on my bike. The layout and workmanship is outstanding. Everyone who has seen it has had nothing but positive comments. It was such a pleasure to do business with you and your staff. You did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it and in a pleasant and professional manor. In talking with other people who have had their bikes painted by others, your prices are very reasonable.
Again thank you very much. Bill Mowery
bill mowery
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Mike and I want to thank you for the FANTASTIC job you did with the harlequin flames on our new Dodge truck!
Everything about the job was first class and professional from beginning to end. I don't believe that there's another custom flames painter who has your eye for design, layout, and detail. We also really appreciate that you finished the job in our hoped for time frame.
We know that put an extra load on you, but you came through for us without compromising the quality of your work.
joan stone
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When we drove back from Pinellas Park to Tampa, there were so many heads snapping around that we probably caused a couple of cases of whiplash! We took the truck by our custom parts vendor to show it off and also over to the Dodge dealership where we purchased it. Everyone was simply IN AWE of how beautiful your artistry and workmanship is. Everywhere we went, people were asking for your business card. Based on how quickly they're going, we'll probably have to get a new supply from you soon!
Thanks again for a FANTASTIC, HASSLE-FREE job at a VERY fair price!
Joan Stone
Tampa, Florida



Hey Scott, wanted to get you a few pictures of my bike put back together. The folks at gator Harley were impressed by your work and eagerly took all of your business cards. It is quite a head turner and everybody wants to know who painted it. Thanks again, Rob

rob ringsmith
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Dear Scott,
The tank arrived this afternoon and I got home around 6 PM. I have been too busy admiring your beautiful work and taking the bike for a spin to get up here in my study and send you a note. The paint job is truly a work of art. and I really especially appreciate your adding the orange touches around the ovals. I will be sending out the other tank in a few days to work up another color combination. The flame pattern and allowance for the decal with the larger side flames are perfect and exactly what I would like on my next tank…
I enjoyed reading Buster Cherrie's* article that praised your company and work. I couldn't agree more ..

I'm sure, rapidly growing list of personal testimonials. I feel I should get my second tank off to you ASAP before you get inundated with request that would put me out 6 months or so to get in line.

Best Regards, Ron Higgins

*Referring to an article written in the August Issue of Full Throttle magazine.

ron higgens
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I was reffered to Scott by one of the Full Throttle editors… Boy am I glad that he told me about Scott… I E-Mailed Scott and he responded in a very timely manner.. He called me and we talked about paint jobs..Within 2 day's I had an appointment with Scott.. When I got to the shop Scott spent time with me and helped me with colors… I dropped the parts off on a Monday by Saturday the transfomation was complete… I will only tell you this if you take your paint work to anyone else you are making a mistake.. Scott is the best at what he does..and will treat you in a very proffesional manner.. What a great job!!! I will tell all my freinds about Scott…Great job Scott and Thank you very much… Ray Alcover

ray alcover
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Scott, Just reassembled my bike after receiving my paintwork back from you. Everything looks AWESOME! Everywhere that I go people gather around my bike and ask me who did the paint work. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great paint job!
Eric Godwin

eric godwin
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Stationed at Manama, Bahrain
Here are some pictures of the bike, all back together, love the paint job, could'nt ask for better detail and quality. I am waiting on my seat from corbin which will match the pait job. Should be here in a few weeks, hope you like the Pics for your web page. We are ordering 2 100th anniversery Super Glides and will definitly talk to you for the paint scheme.
A very satisfied customer

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After visiting my local Harley Davidson dealership to inquire about custom paint for my '96 Fatboy, I was disgusted, to say the least. The going rate for a paint set was $3500.00, and on the HD parts the flame edges were so thick they looked taped on.
Well, a quick search on google and I found Scott at Custom Flame Painting, among others. Scott was the only one of three painters to respond to my inquiry, and that was probably the best thing that could have happened. He is a true professional, in every way, and an unbelievably talented artist.

gary joseph
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When Scott sent me the first digital pictures of the painted parts, I was speechless. The photos looked amazing. When I received the parts, I was even more astounded with his work. The paint is absolutely flawless.
Like some of the other folks that have posted here, I was a bit apprehensive about sending my parts to someone who I didn't know, and had never seen his work in person. Well, if you're thinking of getting your bike painted, rest assured, Custom Flame Painting is THE place, and an outstanding value.
Thank you Scott, from a very satisfied customer.
Gary Joseph
St. Clair Shores,
Edit: You can check my paint in the Samples of Work Section, job number 75.
I would like to thank Scott for his professional, quality and timely work. He is truly a professional in his field and dedicated to serving his customers. As you can see for yourself on the samples page, Scott did wonders for my '02 Sportster. If anyone is having reservations on letting ACP handle their painting project, don't. Scott will walk you through every step and put any concerns you may have to rest. I live just north of Dallas, TX and I must admit, I was reluctant to send my parts off to be painted. However, after speaking with Scott on numerous occassions, I felt comfortable that he was the one to paint my bike. Last but not least, I would like to compliment Scott and ACP for their dedication to customer satisfaction. I can personally vouche that Scott will make certain you are satisfied with the work done. It is obvious that he takes his work seriously and adds his own personal touch to every job he handles. Thank you Scott for a job well done.
Jeff Dicksey Wichita Falls, Tx

jeff dicksey
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Hey Man,
Parts arrived, we've already put them on the scoot, THEY LOOK GREAT!!!!!! I gave some positive feedback on EBAY. Have a couple of people that seem interested in your paint, I am giving them a card and letting them know how much of a pleasure it has been doing business with you. Thanks again.
Dave Hill

dave hill ss 002
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See our "Signature Series" sets

Scott painted my tank and fenders black with yellow-to-red flames with blue pinstriping and I am very pleased with the results. It was a pleasure to work with him. I was naturally a bit apprehensive about spending this kind of money on something where the results are uncertain and with someone you only know from a few e-mails and a web site. However, with a few simple guidelines, his experience and talent will shine and produce excellent results. I have no reservations recommending Scott to anyone looking at a similar project.
Scott, thanks for a great looking job and good luck in the future. Pete

peter hanke
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brian skidmore
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Attached are the photos of the finished bike. Thanks again for doing such a great job on my bike. It's been getting lots of WOW's from everyone. I will recommend you to everyone that wants a good custom flame paint job. Will give your cards to So. Nevada Harley.
I plan on taking some other photo's and sending them to Hot Bike Magazine for their Readers Rides section.
Good luck with your business and your paint jobs are great!!! Bob Wolf

bob wolf
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Scott just finished my Night Train, as shown on the samples page. Scott did a fantastic job as you can see. I would recommend scott to anyone wanting a great flame job done a great great price.

chris ashe
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Scott just completed his custom flame paint job on my tank and fenders for my VStar Custom motorcycle.. WOW! I can not rave enough about the quality of work, the truely wonderful job on the flames and turn around time was fast (Oregon to Florida and back)!! I would not hesitate to recommmend his work to anyone. Scott worked with us through this whole process, listening to what we had in mind, made suggestions, and came up with exactly what I wanted. He has kept in touch with us throughout the entire process..sent us pics and emails of work in progress. He is a true professional.. Thanks Scott for a truely one of a kind flame paint job!!

paula bischoff
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I just received my finished parts (tank, fairing, tail, fender) back completed from CFP and all I can say is 'WOW'.
I had decided to custom paint my bike after a crash did some minor damage to some of the bodywork. Right from the process of picking a custom painter, Scott at CFP presented himself as the most worthy of the task. Even though I am in Maryland, I decided to take the 'risk' of sending my parts out to someone who until then I had never heard of before, due to CFP's professionalism and vibe. The awesome website didn't hurt either!!

dave whyte
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But I found out the best thing only after CFP had received my parts….Scott takes real pride in his work and will settle for nothing short of the best! Not only did my job meet, but it FAR SURPASSED my original expectations of quality and service. Scott sent updates (including digital pics) at many stages of the job, and made wise decisions about several artistic issues that made the job turn out as a 'statement' rather than just a paintjob.

I will be 'showing' my bike around my area this spring / summer and will be sure to post pics as soon as I get the whole thing back together.
Bottom line: If you want a high-quality, custom paintjob that makes a *statement*, If you want feedback during the process, all at a reasonable price, you CANNOT go wrong with Keep up the great work, Scott!!
Dave Whyte

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