A collection of images showing our motorcycle, car, truck, bodywork and painting. Most have 'progress pics'
We also included pics of jobs we only did minor bodywork

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Hi Scott and Jody, First let me say THANK YOU so much for all your help with my 96 Harley. You made my experience easy to handle and enjoyable. From the planning stage to when I gave you the idea for what I wanted to you guys actually painting it, you made it so easy. Let me tell you, since I had my bike put back together I have had nothing but COMPLIMENTS. Other riders actually ask me at red lights where I had my bike done. So of course I give them your website. Even other paint shops in my area said what a great paint job you did, and when they ask me the price and I tell them the response is the same..thats a great price. I also told my friends about the mishap I had when after two weeks of getting back the tins when you first painted it, I had an accident and ruined the tanks. I told them how even though we never met in person, you treated me BETTER than anyplace I could have gone to in person and had it fixed. And on top of that, you did it so quick so I wouldn't miss a charity run I had for the Fourth of July. I never felt better about giving someone my business than I do with you guys. You have made a customer for life. Thanks again. Tony P.S. I put in a before shot of the bike just to show you the difference..