A collection of images showing our motorcycle, car, truck, bodywork and painting. Most have 'progress pics'
We also included pics of jobs we only did minor bodywork

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Yellow basecoat and Flames with Orange skulls Hey Scott,Hope you don't mind me sending a couple pics of what you created.We had a heat wave up here this weekend, a scorching 51 above zero,everyone had there bikes out so I had to unvail "OLE YELLA" to the rest of the guys.You really made an impression,nothing but wows and holy sh_ts.People are amazed,I still can't believe I own a bike that I normally see in magazines.I can't thank you guys down there enough for the quality workmanship you do.Check the pics,I think you'll like them too,I through in a shot of the bike before,Its unbeieveable the difference. THANKS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bruce LaFlair Sr. ACP Note: Wow Bruce - Holy sh_it! Your bike looks great! ACP Note: We added a couple of photos of Bruce's bike with the spoiler on that we painted to match the rest of the bike. Looks Great!