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I bought the 2003 Edition with the plans on doing just a little modification and ended up getting a little crazy. 6 years later; it has a Screamin Eagle HTCC set of heads with 95ci cylinders and a 204 cam set. A Power Commander as well as Screamin Eagle intake rounds out the intake and EFI system. With the extra umph I opted for a SE six-speed transmission to make it useful. I’ve also put some Paul Yaffe Road Legends Crack pipes on to disturb the neighbors. I travel some so I also have the detachable Boss Bags and a bunch of extra chrome or black stuff in the right places. The brake system is my next project, I’ve got some Hawg Halters 6-pistons for the front wheel and 4 piston for the rear, to put on but haven’t had the time just yet. All in all it’s been a bunch of fun working on the bike as well as driving it around. Update: the brakes have been in use for awhile now and I decided to go with a wide rear end. I’m still working out some of the suspension bugs but when it’s dialed in I’ll be sending the new tin to our friends here at CFP to match the paint from the rest of the bike. More updates coming