A collection of images showing our motorcycle, car, truck, bodywork and painting. Most have 'progress pics'
We also included pics of jobs we only did minor bodywork

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Candy Red base with Darker Red Candy Flames Scott and Jody, Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the great job you did on the paint (once again). This is the third job you've done for me and all three have been outstanding. It's now getting to the point where I look forward to taking the tins to the Harley dealer for installation just so I can hear the "oooohs and aaaahs" from the service, parts and sales departments as well as customers who happen to be around. They gather around like kids opening presents at Christmas. The fun begins again when I go to pick the bike up. The enclosed pictures do nothing for the paint job you provided. I know I was a pain when it came to finalizing the scheme and colors....but it came out perfect thanks to your experience and professional expertise. Real quick, I have an amusing anecdote. While the service manager was checking the tins for any blemishes, scratches, etc. before accepting them, the service department had gathered around. The Harley dealer uses a local painter (let's call him Chuck) whose reputation is quite good. As they were looking at your paint, Mechanic # 1 asked aloud: "Did Chuck do that?" At the same time, Mechanic #2 and the service manager spoke up with "Chuck can't do that".