How to remove your tank emblems

How to remove your original Harley (or metric bike) tank emblems...You can see the emblem removing tool I made. It's very simple to make. I basically use welding wire (you can use high test fishing line), and attach two small PVC fittings (one on each end)
The handles on the ends make it easier to move back and forth through the emblems.

  Simply move the wire/line back and forth until the emblem loosens up. Once you go all the way through, you should be able to remove the emblem. IF NOT, run the wire through one more time. The second time will be easier. Be sure not to let the emblem fall on the ground. It's good to have a helper hold the tank (and the emblem) while you move the wire through. Or, just when you go just half way through, add a piece of tape to the emblem/tank to keep it from falling.

  With a good 'pull' (and a little luck), you should get most, if not all the double sided tape to remove with the emblem.

How to remove original Harley tank decals? These are cleared over, so the area will need to be stripped and primed.

Emblem removing tool

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