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Stretched rear fenders for Harley. There are stretched, then there are the "swoop" rear fenders. The swoop fenders are the very long fenders (almost 4-5'). The swoop fenders pretty much have to go along with the "swoop" bags.
Most are made of fiberglass due to the fact they need to be stronger than saddlebags so most of the fenders are heavy. Some come with the LED fascias and some do not.
Some of these fenders also have built in bag fillers so you don't see that space between the bags and the rear fender. A nice touch!

Most fenders will require somesort of bodywork and most of them always come with minor pinholes since they are fiberglass. Be sure your painter looks them over, preps and primes it, then resands it before painting.

Looking for wrap front fenders?

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