Welcome to our updated website!

I am in the process of redoing the website. Hope you like what you see so far!

–Comprehensive search for both the website and a separate search for the Gallery.

–Registered members can add 'articles' related to motorcycle or autos (see under the "My Account" must be registered)
–ACP Customers can add a Testimonial (see under the "My Account" must be registered)
–NEW Terminology 'autolinks'. You will see green links throughout the website that show 'tips' and terminology when you do a mouseover on that particular link.
   MORE auto links coming soon!
–The ability for you to login using "OpenID"
–Leave comments on specific stories and pages (registered only)
–The ability for our customers to add their own bike to our Customer Rides Section

Thank you…

PS: You may find some 'dead' links throughout the website for the next few weeks as I finish the website.