I think I’m ready to pack my parts, what next?

I think I’m ready to pack my parts, what next?

All this is very important…so please read!
Be sure and use good sturdy boxes for packing. Please make sure to leave enough room in your shipping boxes when you do the the packing. We will pack a little more loosely* since your parts have fairly fresh paint on them. Use as many boxes as necessary. Most of the time 2 will do – one for the fenders and the other for the tank. Average shipping cost is about $40-$70 for UPS Ground, so don’t skimp here.

You can get shipping boxes from places like your local U-Haul, or a local business supply store. It is best to wrap your parts in a “bubble” type wrap, then use Styrofoam “peanuts” as filler. Be sure and try to purchase the “bigger” type bubble wrap. 1/2″ is fine. The smaller bubble wrap is for smaller items like side covers, emblems, possibly a dash…

If you have fiberglass fenders. It is a very good idea to make a “prop” for the inside of the fenders, so it goes on the inside from one side to the other. This way, if a very heavy package sets on top of yours during shipping, your fender will not have a chance of bending and cracking.

We were informed from a source with UPS that most damaged shipments are caused by boxes that do not have enough filler material in them, making them unsturdy. The damage comes from the conveyor belts that will sometimes push boxes together. If a box is not sturdy enough, the result can be damage to the box and possible the item in the box. Writing “Fragile” or other wording does not help (conveyor belts don’t read). The best box to use is either a new box or if you have the manufacturer’s box in still sturdy. Please do not leave air pockets, make sure the entire box has filler material in it. The best filler materials are Styrofoam “peanuts”, solid Styrofoam pieces, cardboard pieces, or crumpled paper (such as paper bags & newspaper).

If you aren’t comfortable with packing your parts, have your local packing supply store do it for you.

*When I say loosely, I mean parts are not on top of each other, but yet, they are still “tight” because they have Styrofoam filler around the parts to keep them from moving.

In order to avoid an additional charge (or any damage to hardware during shipping), please be sure and remove all hardware including, but not limited to caps, fuel pump, lights, trim, petcocks, gauges (wiring can remain on tanks and inside rear fenders ), grommets, and any other hardware.  In other words, if it’s not painted, be sure and remove it.
If you leave your fuel pump in, you will ship at your own risf. We will not remove it during the prep, paint and buffing process.

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