David Olson

David Olson

I found Attitude from a Google search because I was looking for someone locally that could paint my bike. What impressed me most is that this is all they do. Being able to buy paint sets indicated to me that Scott and his crew are always on their game and not just doing this as a hobby. I did a site visit while I was travelling through Tampa and right then I knew that Attitude would take care of me. We figured out a style, and scheduled the painting to happen in January of 2010.

I was going to completely strip my bike and powdercoat the frame to match the base color of the tins. So I had the frame finished and they coated a sample piece that I sent to Scott for him to color match the paint. From there, his team came up with the Tribal design for the flames that complements the base color, as well as the new Fatboy badge I was putting on the tanks. Great communication during the process. Got continual samples of designs and colors so I knew that there wasn't going to be any suprises once the tins came back to me.

After about 4-5 weeks, we're done. My color, Scott's design on my tins. Color matched perfectly. I even had the calipers powdercoated to keep the theme rolling.

3 weeks later we're in Myrtle Beach turning heads. 2 weeks later I'm winning trophies in shows.

I dinged the rear fender a few weeks back (not looking while I backed up) and I can't wait to get the rear fender back down to Scott for repairs. I almost want to put a completely new fender on just to see what the Attitude team will do next.

This is addicting. Thanks Scott!

Anyone can contact me anytime about the process, pricing and quality of work.