Spraying a paint job backwards-Pinstripes first

Spraying a paint job "backwards"

In this step-by-step, we do the pinstripes first, ending with the main color.


First we seal the part with a light gray sealer.
Then we spray the area that will eventually be one of the pinstripe colors.
Here you can see we used 1/8" fineline to cover the color.


Now we spray the secondary color over the complete part. Then we add a 1/16" fineline to cover the area which will eventually be the lighter pinstripe (see pic below).
Then you want to mask off the area that will remain the secondary color.
So all you have left is the area that will eventually be the main color, which in this case is a orange.


Now you want to spray the main color. In our case, it's the orange color. The color that we sprayed in the above step, is a GREAT ground coat under the orange.
So the orange covers very quickly, thus keeping the edge minimal.

Once you pull off the 1/8" and 1/16" fineline tape along with the masking tape and paper off, you'll see your paint job come alive.

Now do any cleanup, clearcoat. Then wetsand and buff