Road King Custom Tank Emblems

These emblems come off of a Road King Custom. These were very intricate emblems. They are made of very thin chromed steel. The backsides have a recessed area for the double sided tape. So if you purchase these used, hopefully you can get some emblems that someone did a ‘good pull’ meaning they also included the original double sided tape. These are extremely hard to put the double sided tape on the backside due to the limited recessed area to apply the tape.
These are very easy to bend, but also very easy to put a kink in the emblems.

You can see what a ‘good pull’ looks like in one of the Road King Custom pics shown.

Please note, I do not have this emblem set for sale. I only have them for display.
There are emblem sets toward the bottom of the page that are for sale though.

DSC04438.jpg DSC04437.jpg emblems_road_king_custom_0.jpg 05_15.jpg 04_12.jpg DSC02227.jpg 03_12.jpg

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