4 month GOLD membership

4 month GOLD membership

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  • Ability to view pics in the Samples of Work section in their FULL format
    (most full sized images can be viewed at 600+ px wide. See pic below for an example)
  • The ability to "download" all sized images to your computer. This includes the thumbnails, resized images along with the full sized original image.
  • Access to our "Archived Section". This includes pics from previous motorcycle paint jobs. 3500+ extra pics to view!
  • Special "member only" discounts.
  • Less Ads! Don't like seeing those "Ads for Google" ads like you see on this site (and many sites), become a GOLD member and see 90% less ads!
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  • Subscription is good for 4 months.

    EXTRA BONUS perks listed below if you become a member BEFORE you fill out the estimate form.

  • Get your full GOLD membership fund back and then some if you decide to choose to have ACP do your paint job. You'll get $50 off your paint job!!!!
  • 50% off shipping and handling of your painted motorcycle set**… wow!

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* Most full sized pics are 600px wide on jobs posted up to 12/2010 (default width of the jobs in the Samples of Work section is 275px) on the jobs posted after 12/2010, full sized images will be approx 600px-700px wide
Of course the height will be whatever it falls to keep the image in porportion with the width
Approx 18,000 pics to view if you are a non-subscriber. You will need a subscription to access the Archived Section
  To receive your $50 discount, your GOLD membership must be activated before filling out the estimate form.

** 50% discount is applied if you have us pack and ship the set. If your account is used to ship, no discount will be applied
Maximum discount of $150 total.

All sections besides the Samples of Work have the ability for you to view the larger images for free!



Without subscription, you view a pics at a maxiumum width of 275px.
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With a member subscription, you get the ability to view the FULL view pics of each individual photo.

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