Mercury Montego 1972 – 521 engine – C6 – August Updates

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  1. bigdonward says:

    72 Montego GT

    Your Mercury is cominig along beautifully.  It appears that nothing is left unrestored.  I started following your restoration because I was looking for one of those cars because I had a gold 73 Montego GT back in the 70's.  They were rare, big, and beautiful cars.  Mine had the 351 2V but don't short change it.  It still could burn as much gas as yours, about 10 miles to  the gallon.  Then later about 1989 or so I put a 1971 429 into my 1975 Thunderbird.  Big car would fly but it wasn't worth anything so I junked it after I got my1972 Mustang convertible.  I had the Mustang now 25 years.

    I live in the Dallas area so I don't guess I'll get up to your body shop but I do need some paint work.  I also inherited a 1969 Chevy C10 pickup I'll be starting on soon.

    Get car.  Keep the pictures coming.

    Don Ward

    Grapevine, Texas

    • acp says:

      Thanks Don. I appreciate it.

      Thanks Don. I appreciate it. Though they were BIG long cars, hard to believe they were considered 'intermediate'.
      Love the Mustangs to, but I can't wait to finish the Montego GT.
      Sorry for the delay on the response, I just saw this as a unpublished comment.

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