Mercury Montego 1972 – 521 engine – C6 – August Updates

1972 Montego GT 429 Monthly Updates
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1972 Montego GT 429 – August 2014 Updates

8-4-14 Finally found a pair of vintage 429/460 Holley M/T valve covers. Had to pay a premium for them, but they seem to be in very good condition. They are on the way from CA.

Meanwhile. Getting my transmission rebuilt.
After Mike from Florida Transmissions took the trans apart, he gave the casing back to me to repaint

Monday, July 28th. Took to the transmission shop. I’m having Mike from Florida Transmission build my trans
He rebuilt the trans in my 1973 Montego and haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

2500 converter – Alto Red Eagle Friction Module Alto Kolene Steel Module
5 clutches in each drum

Original transmission that came with the car

August 4 – Brought the spare tire out of hibernation (hadn’t looked at it for a year now), and after looking at it closely, it appears I can still use it. This is the ORIGINAL spare tire and wheel. The tire is in super good condition (No cracks, no damage. )
As far as I could tell, it had never been used. I planned on buying an updated tire until I saw all this. Also, I thought the tire was ruined since it was low on air and it’s been sitting so long that the rim had sunk down and made the tire look distorted. Once I filled it up with air, it looked perfect.

I looked for a date code and it only says DOT. From what I read, the older tires just have DOT + where it was made. Then the newer tires have DOT + where it was made + what month and year it was made.

8-4 After sandblasting and repainting SEM Hot Rod Black.

Our shop got new glass roof panels, so it’s much brighter. Took a pic of the car with the brighter light.
Can’t wait to get the new wheels!!!
Click for larger image

2300-2500 stall converter

8-8-14 My C6 transmission is back!!!!

8-87-14 Received my 429-460 valve covers. Painted white and red. Had the paint stripped off within an hour, Started the polishing process.


Video I took 9/9/14 right before installing the motor
-click on the view full screen icon [ ] to show it in full view


8-9-last pic  before motor and trans is installed.


Sat – 8-9-2014
Installed the engine and transmission

Planned on doing this myself, but the ‘hot rod’ guys from next door were nice enough to come over and lend hand
It went very smooth. I was the one that was under the car and guided the rear of the trans and the mount to trans crossmember

It’s In!!!!!!!

I can’t really ‘bolt’ everything in and start hooking up lines since I need to lift the motor in order to install the headers. That will be quite the task, especially the drivers side.

8-13-14 Got my valve covers polished today. The guy did a majority of it and I finished them off. Especially around the letters and between the fins.
I think they came out great!!!

Good thing I went with these. I didn’t realize how important the ‘flat’ area is on the side of the valve cover.
Regular valve covers would not have worked due to the clearance between that and the ac evaporator case.


I’m in the red shirt.
8-15 The guys next store all came over and gave me a hand putting in the headers. What a pain it would have been to do by myself.
Motor and trans has to be raised about 2″, plus the car had to be about 2′ high

Brandon putting the header from the underside.

Headers are installed 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driveshaft is all set to be put in. I went with non-greasable joints

8-26 – Received my 1″ Jomar Powercone spacer


Received the starter. Looks great!

Before pic of the main harness

8-23 Kind of a before and after. Spent about 2 hours redoing the main 2 harnesses


Did my chromate imitation. One of the left is the real deal (NOS hose).

My daughter and grand daughter stopped by

Sabrina and Vanessa


8-28 Core support is painted

Installed the new radiator and painted core support. I mocked it up with the upper rad brackets not painted
I had painted them before this pic was taken. Also installed the old ac compressor only so it would hold the power steering cooler.
I will be going with a Sanden compressor

VERY close to D-Day. Hoping to start it up for the first time tomorrow – SAT – 8-30
We’ll see how it goes


Break-in video Sat, 8-30-14

After brake-in idle down – 8-31-14

After break in

Firs time the car has been off the dollies and been outside since starting the project

2 Responses

  1. bigdonward says:

    72 Montego GT

    Your Mercury is cominig along beautifully.  It appears that nothing is left unrestored.  I started following your restoration because I was looking for one of those cars because I had a gold 73 Montego GT back in the 70's.  They were rare, big, and beautiful cars.  Mine had the 351 2V but don't short change it.  It still could burn as much gas as yours, about 10 miles to  the gallon.  Then later about 1989 or so I put a 1971 429 into my 1975 Thunderbird.  Big car would fly but it wasn't worth anything so I junked it after I got my1972 Mustang convertible.  I had the Mustang now 25 years.

    I live in the Dallas area so I don't guess I'll get up to your body shop but I do need some paint work.  I also inherited a 1969 Chevy C10 pickup I'll be starting on soon.

    Get car.  Keep the pictures coming.

    Don Ward

    Grapevine, Texas

    • acp says:

      Thanks Don. I appreciate it.

      Thanks Don. I appreciate it. Though they were BIG long cars, hard to believe they were considered 'intermediate'.
      Love the Mustangs to, but I can't wait to finish the Montego GT.
      Sorry for the delay on the response, I just saw this as a unpublished comment.

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