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1977 Trans Am

1977 Pontiac Trans Am 403 - Buccaneer Red
55,000 original miles


Bought it Jan 06 with 55,000 original miles. Had original paint on it. Stripped it down, primed it and painted it. Below are some before and after shots.
Only three rust spots were on this car and all were on the left 1/4 panel (one spot was under the flare). Both the front and the rear glass was pulled. All jams were painted.

I also have the build sheet which shows that the rear console was factory ordered. It was also ordered without the bird. I will be repainting the factory 'Buccaneer Red'. I also eliminated the riveted on side moldings.

Bodywork process | What I replaced | more pics | 6/16/06 pics

Did away with the riveted on side moldings

New door glass right side. New outer weather stripping

Below are pics the week I got it

rare rear console

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