1972 Mercury Montego GT – 429

1972 Montego GT 429 Monthly Updates
All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green - Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website. Scott Farrell's 72 Mercury Montego GT "Forgotten American Muscle"
Before Images (added 11/9/13)
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Cam specs - custom grind (spec by Randy 460 forum - grind by Lunati 
272/282@.006" - 225/233@.050" - 136/143@.200" - .320"/.312" lobe lift, (.576"/.562" with 1.8/1 ratio rocker arms), 109 separation; 107 intake centerline. Have a comment you'd like to post concerning the 72 Montego GT build? Be sure to register to post
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1972 Montego GT 429 – Before Pictures

This was the sign in the window when I went to look at the car.
1972 Mercury Montego
Rare Factory 429
Orig 40 K Miles — Factory AC
Posi Traction
All Original — Runs and Drive
$20,000 OBO (I did NOT buy it for this lol)The owner said he put an extra “0” in the price to keep anyone away that’s not remotely interested

These are pics that are of my Montego GT taken late July 2013

It is all complete and completely original including the paint.


The hood was already removed when we realized that we didn’t get any good before pictures.


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