1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – May 2014

1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – May 2014

1972 Montego GT 429 Monthly Updates
All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green - Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website. Scott Farrell's 72 Mercury Montego GT "Forgotten American Muscle"
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Cam specs - custom grind (spec by Randy 460 forum - grind by Lunati 
272/282@.006" - 225/233@.050" - 136/143@.200" - .320"/.312" lobe lift, (.576"/.562" with 1.8/1 ratio rocker arms), 109 separation; 107 intake centerline. Have a comment you'd like to post concerning the 72 Montego GT build?

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1972 Montego GT 429 – May 2014 Updates

received my seats back from the upholsterer.
The seat covers are from Dearborn. I had the upholsterer cut out the imitation comfortweave (knitted vinyl) and install the true comfortweave.
It took 6 months, but I finally found some of the real deal comfortweave. I had enough to do all seats except the back of the rear seat.
We used the original material from the original cover sewn into the new cover.

01 050814 seats reupholstered

03 front seats
Installed – the interior looks and smells new!

04 front seats dash

05 front seat closeup

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Ordered my 521 stroker kit. Info on the engine build here.