1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – March 2014

1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – March 2014

1972 Montego GT 429 Monthly Updates
All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green - Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website. Scott Farrell's 72 Mercury Montego GT "Forgotten American Muscle"
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1972 Montego GT 429 – March 2014 Updates

Updates on my 1972 Montego GT project. See other ‘monthly updates’ above.

78 022714 polishedmoldings
3-1 Some of my polished moldings

79 022714 polishedmoldings

80 030414 windshield installed

81 windshield installed
3-6-14 The windshield is installed. I also just received my polished front moldings
Installed the wiper arms.

82 030414 right rear pic
3/4 pic. I also installed the right drip rail molding, channel and new weatherstripping (3-6)

83 030414 visors installed
3-6 Installed the original visors and new brackets.

01 030614 mirror stem painted
3-6 New mirror glass. Redid the post in Alsa Mirror Chrome ($250 / pint. Already had some in stock) Installed the same day

3-11 Received my ‘gills’ (louvers back from D&R in CA.
They did a great job! They also did my grill ‘medallion’.

02 031114 grills painted

03 031114 grills painted

04 031114 grills painted

10 door
Did some minor bodyword on the top of the door and got it in primer (did this last Sat).
The complete door had been sandblasted.
My bodyman (Brian) welded some patches in. Doing the bodywork on the bottom of the door now (3-12).

3-16-14 Doors are very close to being ready to paint. I worked both Sat and Sunday on the doors. Both are pretty much in final prime.
If all goes good,  I’ll be painting the insides, then doing the outsides this week.

March 21 – painted inside of doors
March 22 – Masked up inside of doors and painted outside of doors
March 23 – Wetsanded and buffed outside of doors

March 21 – Got word that the front and rear bumpers are done. They should be back from Tri-City Plating in TN by the end of the week.


05 032214 doors mirrors before paint
3-22 Prepped ready for paint – Sat

06 032214 sealer
Doors sealed

07 032214 basecoat

08 032214 painted
Clearcoated – jams were already painted on Friday 3-21

09 032214 painted
After painting

10 032214 buffed
March 23 – after wetsand and buffing (reflection pic)

11 032214 reflection

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12 032214 buffed
Reflection pic

13 reflection
Reflection pic

14 032414 left door hung
Monday 3-24 – hung the door. BIG day! Nice to see them back on.
Bumpers are also on the way. They should be here this week. I’m all set to hang the rear bumper.

15 left door
Pic of the drivers door. New clips installed

16 left door
Drivers door

17 inside right door
Inside pic before I start installing all the trim and speakers

18 032414 right door hung
Passenger door

19 right door
3/4 pic

20 right door
3-24 Passenger door


3-26-2014 Painted the bumper brackets. Just so happen, the bumpers also arrived.

22 032513 bumpers received
3-25 Received my bumpers – Had them rechromed

23 bumpers received

24 032613 assemble rear bumper
Rear bumper bar installed. I used the original stainless steel capped bolts on the bumper.
I polished them so they look like chrome.

25 032614 389 number
Wrote the 389 which is the number that was written when it went through the assembly line



26 389 number

27 032614 rear bumper installed
Bumper installed. Redid the taillight housings.
Note the NOS taillights

farrell car lot

Taken late March
My 1966 Chevy C110 – My 1973 Montego MX and my 1972 Montego GT