1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – February 2014

1972 Montego GT 429 Monthly Updates
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1972 Montego GT 429 – February 2014 Updates


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Video posted on Youtube (2-7-2014)

This was painted late Jan, but decided to include in in Feb Updates since I finished it in early Feb.
Trunk painted – created my own spatter (splatter) paint.
I also clearcoated it with a satin clear.

Old sending unit compared to the new sending unit

January 31, 2014
Ready to paint. did my final sanding, blew it off. cleaned the floor. ready to paint tomorrow (Sat).

the night before – 1-31-14 RIP pops (father-in-law)
As you can see on the right side of the pic, I have a spray booth, but opted for the first time to spray a car outside the spray booth. just to happen to be mine – yikes. Did my final sanding, blowing, cleaning the night before. I figured on Sat AM all the dust would have settled. I also watered down the floor on FR and Sat AM. In all the cars I’ve sprayed, I’ve never sprayed one up this high. If it all works out, great!

1-31-14 right before leaving work. All masked up and ready to paint Sat AM

Sat AM got to the shop at 8:15. Started painting at 8:30

2B Bright Red basecoat

“Selfie” pic applying clearcoat. Finished at 11:15

The body is painted!!!!!!!!!!

Done. Took over 2 hours to paint
2 coats sealer, 4 coats base, 4 coats of clear
base cost $500+ (PPG DBC)

Pic taken about 5:15 Sat afternoon.

Reflection shot

Me and my wife Jody came back about 5 PM before going out to dinner to see how it looked.

Sprayed the rear deck at the same time. I couldn’t believe how nice this was even before painting. Really didn’t even need it.

Roof reflection shot

Another pic of the reflection off the roof.

February 2, Sunday
Buffed the body

Wetsanded and ready to buff

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

February 3rd

The body goes on – 6 months in the making!!! A big day for this project.

My wife Jody detailed the car from all the buffing I did. So now it’s ready to go on the frame.

The frame before the body when on it.
Jody also cleaned the frame for me. Had some dust on it from sitting around the shop. I’ve had the frame ready for about 2 months now.

Here are the mounts before putting them on the body. I used
6W1Z-5400396-A (upper mount) AND (lower mount) 6W1Z-5C155-AA
I cut off 1/8″ off the mount along with 1/4″ off the steel part of the bushing. No pics of the lower bushings
These were new. I did use the original bolts

Video posted on Youtube (2-7-2014)

Sliding the frame under the body.

Right before putting the body on

Here I’m applying silicone to each bushing. JUST to make sure they do not squeak.

Yep, you can see me at the very back lol

1/2 way home.

Done! All 10 mounts are bolted on. The complete process took about 2 hours. Sure wish I had a lift as that would have cut the time in half.

I’ve been looking at the front of this for 6 months. Decided to turn it around to look at the back for awhile 🙂
Good idea to do this to since the new gas tank will be going in this week.

Getting ready to install the new fuel tank (F48)
The piece at the top is the original fitting that releases fuel vapors. The vapors then go through a hose and tube that go up to the front of the car to the evap canister..
I also installed a new fuel sending unit (purchased from Dearborne Classics)

Here I almost have the tank installed. Those tank straps were originally caked with undercoating. We sandblasted them. Then painted them in a satin black. You can also see the new rear body mounts.
Still waiting on the tank seal that the filler tube goes through (currently on back-order)

You can see the new sending unit in this pic

Everything brand new

Jody just wanted to take some pics of some of the nut and bolt bags I had made up. This pic shows the unused bags.
I had already emptied at least 20 other bags.

My new carpet arrived!!! I’m very pleased with it. I had ordered 2 ‘inserts’, but didn’t realize those inserts would be exactly like the originals. The inserts they were referring to were the ‘built in floor mats’. These are an exact match to my original. They were also ‘sewn’ in like the originals. The carpet is 80/20 loop like the original. The carpet is also preformed to the contour of the floorpans.
I ordered the carpet from Vark Motors. The offered free shipping! Pretty good considering this carpet probably weighed about 25lbs with the special “mass backing” mat on the backside.

Thinking ahead, I went ahead earlier in the week and ordered an ‘amp installation kit’. I plan on installing an amp in the trunk. So I ran all the cables along the floorpans before installing the carpeting. I will be going with a new dash speaker and 6×9 speakers in the rear.
I’ll keep the AM radio and install a AM/FM/CD in the glovebox.
I ran the RCA cables from the trunk, under the drivers seat, across the trans hump, under the passenger seat, then up the right kick panel area to the glovebox.
I ran  set of speaker wires up the left side, up through the left kick panel, and up through the dash (this will be for the dash speaker).
I also ran two extra sets of wires to the right and left side of the car just in case I went with ‘door speakers’ which highly doubt I will do since I really don’t want to hack up perfectly good door panels….but…just in case. These extra door speaker wires will be hidden behind each kick panel.

The main wire for the amp (4 gauge) runs from the trunk, under the drivers seat, across the trans hump, under the passenger seat, up the floor pan (agains the kick panel area) to the firewall, through a grommet. This will be hidden behind the wheel well once the wheel well is installed.
The of course it will go to the battery.

I ordered the amp install kit from Sonic Electronix. I had ordered quite a bit of my stereo/speaker/amp for my brown Montego MX from them

Speakers installed

Rear cargo deck – painted satin black urethane

Original jute backing installed

2-14 Deck lid painted


Dash pad (not a cover) carpeting installed – original style built in floor mats. This carpeting also had the ‘mass backing’

Chrome/silver hand painted on the console

2-15 Console installed

2-18 – Deck lid installed
I had trouble getting the deck lid to close….come to find out the gasket was correct, but it’s just plain too thick. When I compared the gasket to the one on my Montego MX, it proved to be too firm and too thick. The brown MX deck lid closes perfect. So I need to order another gasket.
2-21 Headliner installed – Advanced Interiors – Clearwater did the headliner installation (headliner was pre-made)
Installed trunk lock cylinder.

Installing the headliner moldings

Pic of the new headliner

Another pic of the headliner. That is not rust in the drip rail channel

Deck lid installed.

2-23 Rear glass installed

Another pic of the rear glass installed

3/4 shot – noticed the fuel filler tube is installed. The tube grommet that goes into the fuel tank hole was on backorder


Onto March…. 🙂


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