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Previous frame off on my 1963 C-10

 See pics of how it looks today

Truck is sold !

NEW "walk around" video added  5/26/15

September 2011
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This is the seat I decided to go with. I'll get this reupholstered.
Probably all leather, not for sure yet. Currently working out bracket issues.
I bought this from a guy in Miami for $100. Found a guy to transport it to me.
Bought it one day and had it the next day.
If you've never used Uship, and you need something shipped, be sure and check it out.
Kind of like ebay, but shippers bid for your business. Uses basically the same type of feedback system.
I've used it about 5 times now with no problems.

August 31, 2011
Assembly of the bed - FINALLY!

September 1st
Put the bed on.
Will need to pull it off later on to put the wood and bed strips in. I will probably go with oak and 'plain' steel bed strips. So these will need painted. I will also probably go with the 'hidden' bolt strips which have no bolts.
Looks like I'll have to widen my wheel house (tubs)

Tailights, turn signals and reverse lights work great. First year of the Chevy trucks that came with reverse lightst

Bumper on! Brand new brackets
Still have the fillers to paint and the license bracket (both are on the way)

Truck should lower about 1 1/2" in the rear by the time the tailgate and all the wood is in

Plan on painting the black on the bedsides tomorrow (Friday 9/2)

Got the black painted and put the trim on

First drive home with bed. Click on thumbnails to bring up larger images.


Here are the new tubs and the old tubs. The old tubs have the area marked that we will use to widen the new tubs

The first cut

Here is the new width the tubs

Piece tack welded in

Mock setup