October 2011 1966 C10 build updates


October 2011 Updates
See monthly update links above.

Seat is done.

This month's project is the bed.



October 2011 Updates
See monthly update links above.

Seat is done.

This month's project is the bed.


Video I did after one year of starting this project!
Week of September 25th


Painted the strips. Notice these are the hidden bolt strips. No bolts will be shown through the strips.
Fasteners attach using a track on the bottom of each strip

Came out perfect. No buffing these!

Tubs came out great – Widened close to 4"

Drove to Lake Seminole and took a few pics.- October 1st

Finally got the holes drilled for the bed wood (hope they're close : > o )
I did quite a few mods to the wood. I moved the two thinner boards that are normally in the center, to the outside.
I did this so I wouldn't have to widen the tubs as much. So I have to redrill all new holes in the rear sill and all the cross sills.

Getting setup to dye and stain

Doing the staining of the wood. Doing the bottom side first

Resanded the dye to show a little bit of the wood grain

After the stain

Spraying the satin clear

After the first coat

Final coat
10-7-11 (3:30 PM)

I plan on starting to dye and stain the topside tomorrow.
I know nothing about wood staining, dyeing or clearing, but am very pleased with the outcome so far. I did about 10 wood test panels until I was pleased with the look.

Should look sharp with the green bed strips!


Week of 10/10/11

The process – First I dyed the wood-resanded-stained it, then clearcoated it with satin clear.
I sprayed the clear on.

All the bed strips with the hidden fasteners in them

Done – 7/13/11 (How you like 'dem Air Jordan red/white socks 😉

By the time it's said and done, I have about 40 hours between widening the tubs, sanding, dying, staining and clearing the wood.
And about another 30 hours drilling all new sill holes holes and assembling the bed.

First nice batch of  well 'almost done' pics – 10/13/11


10/14/11 Cold Air Induction is complete.
Note the holes with the screen over them on the radiator support.
Nerve-racking to drill a 4" hole in a perfectly good painted surface.

My First Show with the truck!

No tailgate, but I decided to enter the show anyway.
Quaker Steak and Lube Pinellas Park
This is my first show I've attended with one of my vehicles in 10 years almost to the month.

I took "Best of Show" in the 60-70 Modified Class


Jody took a pic of my wheel well while I had the wheel off.
I had the wheel off because I cut the bed strips so they would stop at the tub flange instead of going under the tub. Looks much nicer now.
I had to loosen the tubs in order to get the strips out from under the tubs.



10/23/11 Finally got my tailgate on at 9:30 am . Heading to the Quaker Steak Show.
Took "Best of Show"
Some pics of the show here

Got a photo shoot. Some pics below.
Joe Greeves who takes pics for Street Truck and Truckin took the the pics.
The one's below are pics I took.

Joe taking vertical shots. Possible cover shots ??