Mercury Montego GT 429 1972 – 521 engine – September Updates

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All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green – Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website.
Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

1972 Montego GT 429 – September 2014 Updates

I’ve been working on the engine bay along with the brakes.
I decided while I have the chance to go ahead and upgrade the brakes
Front brakes are now 12″ brakes with lincoln caliper brackets
rear brakes are now rear disc brakes (instead of the factory drums)

I also upgraded the master cylinder (1976 Lincoln disc/disc)
Along with a full size Ford disc/disc proportional valve.

I also installed the ac condenser and drier along with the new Sanden compressor.
Also you can see I’ve been mocking up the AC lines. Ordered a AC hose crimping tool so I can do my own hoses.

I received back my original POA valve which I sent out and had gutted. I will be using a switch to run the ac.

10 engine bay

11 engine bay

12 engine bay

13 calipers
Painted the calipers the same color as the car.

14 montego
After making quite a few mods, the rear disc brakes are on. Still need to cut the stainless lines and reflare them.
e cables also need a little work

15 montego
My new wheels. These are actually the fronts 17×8 4.5 bs. They look so small.
Rears are now being made and will be 18×10 5.5 bs
Billet Specialties. Even the back is polished. Very nice wheels!
Tires are 245/45/17 and 295/45/18 Nitto 555

16 montego

17 montego
Front caliper brackets. Had to send back my original slotted rotors as they were the incorrect rotors.
The bolted up fine, but the height of them were .3 off which made it so the calipers would not bolt on

Only one rotor will work – 72 Thunderbird with Lincoln caliper brackets.
Finding a 72 slotted and drilled rotor is impossible.
Lance from Royalty Rotors in CA has been helping me out.

18 montego
My 66 Chevy C10 383 and my 72 Montego GT 521

19 montego

20 montego
Side view – 8-25

21 ac
8-26 Working on the AC – POA valve is on.

22 ac hoses
9-27 Finished up the fittings on my ac hoses. I cut them and added the fittings myself

23 ac hoses

24 ac hoses
9-27. This shows the expansion valve along with the POA valave. The POA is actually a gutted valve for looks only.
You can see the elec switch at the very bottom of the pic which is now used to run the compressor. This is wired in series to the main wire that runs the AC compressor clutch. I bought the POA eliminator kit from Century Air

25 ac hoses

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9-27 AC lines are done!!! All new 6, 8, and 10 lines. New fittings along with new O-rings for use with the R134
As you can see, I went with the true Sanden compressor. The original York is known to be a loud compressor.
It also is a HP hog as it takes about 14HP to run. The Sanden rotary only takes about 2HP.

26 ac hoses

23 bracket
9-28-14 The idler pulley holes were about an 1/8″ off, so these showed. I removed the bracket and filled these and repainted the bracket
With the new Sanden system these 2 holes are not used. Only the one shown is used which is new hole that I drilled

24 montego gt fender
Sunday – 9-28 – First look at the fender on the car. Just sitting on there to see how it fits. I’m sure I’ll need to shim the rad support

9-29 Had my tires installed on the wheels last night (9-28)
Here is the first glimpse at what they will look like on the Montego.
I think it’s perfect backspacing.
They messed up one of the rear tires so they had to buy a new one and said they are installing it today.

Once the new springs have settled if they don’t go down another 1″ or so, I may get some other springs.
These were the Moog 8531 springs.