How to repair a dent with the stud gun

#5 -How to repair a dent with the stud gun

You need to take extra care into using a stud gun on a fuel tank.
If yiou do not use caution, the tank could explode. Be sure that 100% of the fuel vapors are gone.
Also be careful in using the stud gun. You could end up putting pinholes in the tank.
It's advised to pressure check the tank once you are done.


Dent to be repaired


Grind as good as you can including deep into the dent


This is the stud gun we will be using.


Weld enough studs to grab a hold of to pull out the dent


We are starting to pull the dent. Start from the outside and work your way in. You use a special dent puller to grab ahold and the studs to pull


Here is a pic once the dent is pulled. You will need to cut these close to the surface once you got the dent out.

Then you will need to gring the rest of the stud off


Before going onto the 'mud' step, you may want to pressure check the tank first, just to make sure you didn't put a hole in the tank.

Our first coat is a coat of duraglass.


Our first coat of bondo


Finish cost of bondo


Tank is stripped ready for primer.


Tank is now primed