How To do a scallop or flame job backwards

How To do a scallop job 'backwards'.
You can do these same steps to a flame job as well


First step is to spray the candy color or the base color of your choice. Add a coat of clear, re sand it. Now you lay out your flames or scallops. Mask these up.


This is a top view of the tank. Make sure your points are nice and crisp


Now I sprayed a coat of silver all the way around the edges. This will end up being the outline color. Once you do this step, you need to add 1/16" or 1/8" fineline RIGHT inside the edge of the previous outline tape. now you can add some 1'4" mask between the new tape and the previous outline tape. This 1/4" masking is just for insurance purposes to keep the 'blow through' from going onto the strip of the scallop in case you left a 'gap'


Now you are ready to paint the black. This pic just shows the first coat of black. Be sure you get good coverage, but still keeping the edge down thin as possible. Usually about 3-4 coats should do it.


The finished product. Doing the above, lets you do metallic outlines, along with other types of outlines. This also works great if you want the outline color to fade into another color, yet having the flames or scallops remaining one color