How to do a candy checkered 2 tone paint job with a silver shaded stripe

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How to do a checkered job BACKWARDS

This works great if you are doing a candy color and black checkered themed paint job.
The reason you do this backwards is because the edges can get quite thick on you by the time you do your base metallic,
then the candy color. This way, you do the 'thick' color first.
This is more involved than the previous How-To checkered job. I also took more pics along the way.

Here we have already based our parts, candied them, and cleared them.
We also went ahead and reprepped them using 600 DA and then 1000 grit wet.

Once you get it to the above stage, you're ready to dig in....

Lay some fineline where you want the edge of the checkers and the silver shaded stripe meet.
I used 1/8" tape to do this.

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