How To #10 – A couple of tips and tricks to help you do a flame layout

Attitude Custom Painting – How-To
The below step by step shows you how I laid out a set of flames on a rear fender.

Sometimes I will start from one side and work my way to the other side. Other times I will start from the top and work to one side, then work to the other.
Below, I started at the top, then did the left side, then I move to the right side.
In this How-To, I used 1/16" tape which is harder to work with. You may want to try 1/8" fineline which is a little more forgiving. Your flames will end up being a little bit bigger, but at least you will have more control. Maybe you can buy 2 rolls of each and you can give the 1/16" a try first.

Basically what I do here, is mark the center line. I use the seat hole as a guide.
Then I will add two pieces of fineline…