Harley-Davidson tank decals

Harley-Davidson tank decals.

Below is a list of Harley-Davidson tank  (and other type )decals for sale.
Some are rare. Some come in sets.

Most if not all of the Harley decals are applied, then clearcoated over.

TIP: How to apply. If your tank was damaged and you applying a new decal, you will first need to paint the tank,
clearcoat it, resand, THEN apply the decal. It’s a good idea to let it sit overnight. Then you can reclear the tank.
Sometimes you can put the decal right over the base, then clear, but you MAY end up with bubbles in the decal.
Be weary of Older NOS decals as the glue on the back may not be good any more thus you may have bubbles in the decal once it’s clearcoated over.

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