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Motorcycle pinstriping done easy for the noobie. Custom painted single or double line pinstripes

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Doing a painted pinstripe FIRST before the basecoat makes the job so much easier. No masking involved. No trying to get the width of the pinstripe correct. Using the width of the fineline is a 100% way to ensure the correct and consistent width of your pinstripes.

Paint the pinstripe color, tape it up, paint the basecoat, pull off the tape and presto, instant pinstripe. Works with flame job outlines, 2 tones, graphics and other paint jobs.

My favorite 1/8” tape to use (used on bigger panel jobs)

My favorite 1/16” tape to use
(used on smaller panel jobs like motorcycle tanks and fenders)

I’ve been through 1000’s of rolls through the years

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  • acp - Friday 20 November 2020 20:41
    How To do a custom paint job with pinstripes doing the pinstripes first. Video shows how to paint the pinstripes and not hand paint them. You will need either 1/16", 1/8" or 1/4" fineline pinstriping tape. This video show how to do a paint job doing the pinstripes FIRST by painting the areas of the pinstripe colors first...the main color(s) are done last.
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