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Most of the below bags are made up of ABS plastic. If they are fiberglass or another material they will be noted o the specs or description. ABS are more lightweight than fiberglass. Factory bags on the older Harleys were made of fiberglass, whereas the newer are more of a rigid style plastic. I have seen some of the older fiberglass bags cracking at the mounting holes due to the vibration they take along with the fact that there is NO give to the fiberglass

Through all the aftermarket bags I have painted, these are still not Harley-Davidson quality, but for the price, you can't beat them. Please see the reviews to see previous customers experiences directly with the seller and the bags themselves.
Some of the bags will come with liners, some without. You can always purchase the liners later if you wanted to.

If you have an older model Harley, now it s good time to update the old style Dzus style mechanisms that hold the bags on. The newer bikes have a handle that twist handle that will make sure those bags stay one. I've painted hundreds (yes, literly hundreds) of saddlebags that have fallen off.

Also, please note there was a style change in the bags in 2014. The newer bags are one-hand setup with the handle to open the lid is in the back. No longer is the cover on the frontside of the bag covering the latch mechanism.

You can tell the older bags by their more 'square' design. The newer bags have a slight curve to them on the face of the lids and the bags themselves.
There is a company that makes the newer style bags for the older style bags. So please be sure you look at the fitment of the saddlebags before purchasing

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