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Several types of tanks are available so be sure you purchase one that will not only "fit" your bike, but will also "work" correctly on your bike.

The pre-2000 tanks are split tanks. Pre '96 tanks have the petcock half-way forward on the bottom of the tank, whereas the '96-99 have the fitting for the petcock toward the rear tip of the tank. Great for utilizing the reserve.

The 2000-2003 Tanks offer both carb and EFI versions. These are completely different You can tell a carb tank since there is no bigger hole where the dash goes. These are getting VERY rare. I use to have tons of these. I am now all sold out. 
Harley also stopped putting sealant in the tank. I assume this is due to all the peeling problems they had with them

2004-2005 do not have a plate for the new injection pump and float These attached to the plate that goes to the hole under the dash.

2006-2007 Had a bracket on the tunnel for the pump setup.

Please get with the seller for fitment questions

If you purchase a stretch tank be aware you will need to fit the seat to the tank not vice versa.

As far as sealing the aftermarket tanks, today's fuel will eventually weaken the sealant and then start peeling on you. But if you do not seal it, it could be prone to rusting.
Be sure to pressure check your aftermarket tank though

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