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Most of the fenders below will come raw or unless noted in the description. Some of these fenders show that they are primed in the 'stock images' but they will come raw.
Some will even be made of fiberglass or even carbon fiber.

Watch the carbon fiber and fiberglass front fenders because these will be prone to having pits in them. Also be sure the fiberglass is a thicker type glass. These will need to be prepped and primed with a 2K primer.

If your Harley vibrates, which most do, The thinner fenders are prone to crack at the mounting tabs.

As far as the aftermarket steel, well you can't beat the price for the stock style. Then only problem I've seen with these is when they stretch the sides, there are a lot of stretch marks (grooves) on the sides of the fender. These fenders will need a good cleaning, good sanding, then a good amount of 2K primer. Then resand and possibly even another round of prime and prep.
You can't beat the cost though versus the Harley-Davidson pricing. BUT expect to pay some of that back to your painter as these aftermarket fenders will require quite a bit more prepwork. Forget doing bodywork on the sides due to the rivets. Also keep mind, the underside will also need to be cleaned, prepped and primed so this will add slightly to the expense
Even at that, they will never be Harley quality. A genuine Harley fenders come from the factory e-Coated. 

Most of the 'wrap' fenders I've come across are of good quality. Most are 1 piece. Some are 2 piece though which means two halves were welded together. So there will be minor bodywork needed for these as well along with sanding and priming before resanding again and repainting. 

Looking for "used" Harley fenders?

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