Will you keep me posted on the progress of my job

    Included in your job is what we call "Progress Report". A Progress Report is an e-mail that will include a set of photos of your parts during the process of your paint job. You will 1 set of photos along with an email letting you know how your job stands. You can expect this toward the very end of the job. Your job should be done soon after this. Then you will receive "final photos". This is when you will need to send out the final payment+shipping+insurance, or you can call us with your credit card information.

    Please note: If you are only having a flame job over your original paint, or you have a very small job for us, you will only get photos of the final product.

    We will send the Progress Reports at certain times chosen by Attitude Custom Painting. Usually, this is an important or major step in the progress of your job (usually toward the end).

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