1973 Montego MX Miscellaneous Updates

1973 Mercury Montego MX - 92K original miles. Title shows exempt

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Pics after all mouldings were installed

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My new Montego GT project - N code 429  (July 28 2013)

See my 1966 Chevy C10 "frame off" (link takes you to the week I bought the truck. See the monthly updates on each page)

This car is SOLD! 9/14

 Miscellaneous Updates

March Updates -
3-10-2013 -Installed a JVC system - DRVN speakers 2 - 6.5 and 2 - 6x9 - 1000 watt amp

Some pics taken Sat 4-6-2013
Big show in St Pete the following Day at the VA Hospital in St Pete off Bay Pines
Sponsored by the Downshifters of Brooklyn

April 7 -2013
Big show at the VA hospital in St Pete.
Took a Top 20 in the 73 and newer class
Super show. I believe there was over 300 vehicles.

Pics to come soon!