1973 Montego MX December Updates

1973 Mercury Montego MX - 92K original miles. Title shows exempt

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Pics after all mouldings were installed

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My new Montego GT project - N code 429  (July 28 2013)

See my 1966 Chevy C10 "frame off" (link takes you to the week I bought the truck. See the monthly updates on each page)

This car is SOLD! 9/14

The Montego MX is painted!

2012 Sunset Bronze Pearl

Painted 12/1/12

Jams were cut in yesterday. Pics coming soon of the jams

Utilized both booths - Body in one booth and the hood, deck, front and rear fender along with the fender extensions in the other booth

Body ready for sealer

Fender extensions


Body in the basecoat

Final clear

Reflection off of the hood

Trunk jam was painted the same time as the rest of the body

12/5 New hood insulation and clips

Sharp looking color in the sun!!!

New trunk paint

New trunk mat and gasket. Also tire jack instructions decal on the underside of the deck lid.

All 4 window motors are new. We cleaned out the insides of the quarters (just dirty - no rust) and undercoated the insides.
We also greased up the window tracks.

Painted fender fillers (between bumper and lower fender)

Painted the front satin black bc/cc

Front grills back on - painted satin black bc/cc - New Lincoln Mercury emblem
Front bumper back on. Also the fender extensions

Side view. Repainted brake drums and calipers black (instead of the red when I bought the car)

12-14-2012 New NOS rocker moldings.


No orange peel. Reflection off of the left quarter

Another reflection pic

Beautiful color in the sun!

Redid the jack. This is the same color it came in.

All vinyl top trim moldings before polishing. These will be stripped of the clearcoat, and polished.
The stripe will be repainted in a semi-gloss.
I also have both front and rear window trim being polished.

Had the rear glass installed. New rear gasket and clips.
Rear moldings are getting polished.

Driving home for the first time since repainted 12-21

The above pic  remind you of my first ride home with my 66 Chevy C10?
Posted on my October 2011 "Monthly Updates"

First time back home 12-22

Home again. Still need the rear w/o moldings, and both window trim (which are getting polished). Also have the fender emblems to put on " Montego MX "

12-27-2012 Still looking for rear w/o moldings




Lookin' good!