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Special "Marble Effect"

This is a special effect that we created using the same principle of how to do marble.

Except we are not using marble. We pretty much do it backwards of the way it's supposed to be done.

This eliminates the problem of having the adhesion problems that 'marble' is known for. This also makes an effect that stands out more than marble and keeps other painters and viewers guessing how it's done. You can control how dark or how light you would want the effect to be. I personally like it darker, but on this particular job, the customer wanted the background to show more of the candy red rather than the black areas.

The last pic shows what it would be like if you went with a darker base.

This effect looks GREAT with a 2-tone. i.e. Black top surfaces with the effect shown below on the bottom surfaces

As far as I know, I am the only shop in the country that does this effect (until possibly now!). I have not seen it anywhere else.

We'll use a saddle bag lower for this How-To. Here is shows the bag before sealer and the base. get your bag prepped. No need to worry about any scratches showing through the base as this is a busy paint job!
So 320 will be fine

Spray a medium gray sealer (we use HOK and just mix the white and black sealer to create a gray)
Then we spray a few coats of silver. Then we spray a couple coats of interclear.
let it sit for a 1/2 day or so

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