How to paint a 2 tone with a shaded stripe, skulls, and shadowing

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How To #21. How to custom paint a 2-tone with skulls on a saddle bag.

This How-To also includes a silver stripe with shading.

In our first step, we have sprayed a silver base on the complete bag.
This will ultimately be the silver shaded stripe at the end of the paint job.
Once the silver is painted, lay out where you would like your 'dividing' stripe to be. Once you do that.
You can mask off both sides (top and bottom). Then add your shading. You can see a little shading about 3/4" away from the main stripe. This is just overspray that will be covered later. There was no need to mask up the complete bag.

For shading, we airbrushed some over-reduced black along with some over-reduced white.
Go easy on the white. White is done last.

Also, note that we did our layout for the stripe with 1/16" tape. It's important to leave this on throughout the painting process.

Another image showing the stripe. Note that the 1/16" tape is on the very edge of the shaded stripe.

In this step, you want to mask off the complete bottom of the bag along with the stripe.
We did the masking from the TOP 1/16" down.

Another image of the masking.

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