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Need an estimate to paint your 1990 or newer car, truck or SUV?

Please note that this form is for those interested in getting their car or truck painted
in the Tampa, FL area ONLY

If you would like to find out an approximate quote would cost for us to paint your car or truck, please select the appropriate selections on the form below. When you are done, you will see an automated total cost of the estimate.
If you like the estimate, you can fill out the rest of the form with your contact information and then submit all the estimate information. We will confirm the work needed/cost, then contact you asap.
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Step 1 - What type of vehicle do you want painted?
Choose what type of vehicle you would like painted
EXAMPLES are listed in parenthesis

Smaller Car (i.e. 350Z, Celica, Altima, Accord)
Mid size car (i.e. Mustang, Firebird, Grand Prix, Maxima...
Larger sized Car (Impala, Lincoln, Cadillac, Bonneville...)

Smaller SUV (i.e. Explorer, Pilot, Santa Fe)
Larger SUV (i.e. Sequoia, Escalade, Tahoe, Expedition...

Smaller  sized truck (Tacoma, Dakota, S-10...)
Larger sized 2 door or extended truck (F-150, Silverado, Tacoma...)
Larger sized full 4 door truck (Quad Cab, SuperCrew, CrewMax...non dually)

Step 2- "Grade of Materials" you would like to use for your paint job?

Single Stage (we will only do single stage in black, white, or red or other non-metallic colors). (Expect 1-2 years with this paint job using these colors. More if you take good care of the paint)
Economy Basecoat/Clearcoat (expect 3-5 years. More if you take good care of the paint)
Mid Grade Basecoat/Clearcoat (expect 5-7 years. More if you take good care of the paint - Our Most Popular

Hi Grade Basecoat/Clearcoat (expect 7-9 years. More if you take good care of the paint)

Step 3 - Wetsand and buff

No wetsand and buff
Partial wetsand and buff - Our most popular
Full wetsand and buff - Good for a super nice better than factory finish
MACHINE SAND and wetsand and buff - The best finish - minimal orange peel

If the color to be painted is black, please check box

Step 4 - Change of Color
Select the appropriate from the selections below

I want to stay with the original color
I would like a color change exterior - choose this if you want to change the color
I would like the 2 door jams done
I would like the 4 door jams done
I would like the fender edges done
I would like the under the hood done
(must previously have been painted the stock color - price includes remove and reinstall and extra materials)
I would like under the deck lid, or hatch done


Step 5- Options for cars, trucks or SUVs

2-tone paint job. Includes ONE painted pinstripe to separate the 2 main colors
(Trucks ONLY) I would like the inside of the bed painted
(Trucks ONLY) I would like the inside of the bed sprayed with Raptor Bedliner (tintable or black)


Approximate cost for your paint job

Tax is not included

This is not a contract for us to do work, only an estimate to confirm the price to paint your auto

If you would like to submit this estimate for confirmation, please fill out the rest of the form below and all the results will be sent to us. If you have anything else to mention, you can do so in the "Comments or Question" field below.

What's included in our paint jobs!

  • Machine sand and hand sand exterior of car or truck
  • Sealer before painting (You will get two coats of sealer right before the paint is applied)
  • Masking up the exterior
  • Material cost also includes all materials like base, clear, primer, sandpaper, masking materials
  • Cleaning of your car or truck once it's done
  • Your own album within our Car and Truck Painting Gallery
  • Great service!

Read more on our auto and truck painting!

Like the above paint quote? If so, please fill out the rest of the form below and submit it.
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By submitting this form you are under NO obligation to have Attitude Custom Pianting doing the work.

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  • All estimates are approximate and are not valid until they are confirmed when we see your vehicle in person.
  • Cost does not include removing and painting any parts like bumpers, spoilers, ground effects.
  • Cost does not include extra prep or any bodywork
  • Costs above do not include the material costs or labor costs if your paint job is a 'tri-stage' type paint (i.e white pearl, lazer red tinted clearcoat)
  • Car or truck must be assembled for the above cost to be valid (quote is not for restorations)
  • Price DOES include removing minor trim, but does NOT include removing door handles, door locks, bumpers, mirrors...