Attitude Custom Paint “Payment” Terms and Conditions

Attitude Custom Paint "Payment" Terms and Conditions

Please read this Agreement carefully before having your paint job done by the Attitude Custom Painting.

All paint jobs and or work must be paid in full upon notification of completion of the job and before the sheetmetal is shipped or picked up.   A paint job is considered complete when you are emailed final photos and the balance of the job or if we contact you by phone of the notification.   If payment is not made  within 30 days of the notification, Attitude Custom Painting reserves the right to act on the following situations:

If we supply the tins for the job:

We will either retain the deposit for the job or charge a 20% restocking fee, whichever is the lesser of the two.  The restocking fee percentage is based upon the total of the paint job and sheetmetal costs.  For example – the restocking fee on a $1800 paint job, including the sheetmetal, would be $360.  If there is an  amount left over after the restocking fee, we will refund that amount by company check.  We will also retain possession of the sheetmetal.

If we use the tins that you supplied:

There will be a $5 a day storage fee for all paint jobs that are not paid in full within 40 days from the time we contact you stating that your job is completed.   This storage fee will start on the 41st day after notification. 

In any case, if you decide to back out of the job after giving a deposit and the job is in process, there will be a 20% restocking fee or we will retain the deposit (whichever is the lesser of the two).  If we are painting your tins, you will also be charged for shipping your sheetmetal back.  Your sheetmetal will be shipped in whatever stage of the paint process it is in.  If the paint job is at a stage where the restocking fee or deposit will not cover the costs of the labor and materials used,  you will be charged additional funds to cover these costs.

If the paint job and sheetmetal has not been paid within 90 days after notification of completion and there as not been any written form of contact, the set will be considered "abandoned". This reserves Attitude Custom Painting the right to obtain possession of the sheetmetal along with any moneys that were paid to Attitude Custom Painting.

If we have a set packed and ready to ship and you change your mind on when you wanted them shipped, there is a service fee of $60 to unpack all parts (inc packing material), then repack them when you are ready

Attitude Custom Painting reserves the right to make any changes to the policy above, at any time, without prior written notice.