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1973 Mercury Montego MX Frame-On Resto Project
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Parts purchased

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Below are most of the parts I’ve bought for the Montego MX project

PARTS FOR SALE – ALL sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another left rear wheel opening moulding (NOS) SOLD!
New glove box liner – SOLD!
Left and right NOS (new old stock) wheel opening mouldings for Montego GT – $175 – SOLD!
Original Door handles off of a 1973 Montego MX – $10
NOS left fender extension for 1972 Montego — $30
Set of front window mouldings. Will fit Torino and Montego – $40
Montego MX Brougham 1/4 moulding – NOS (27″ long) part number D2GY-6529066-A  – $60
2 used rocker mouldings – $60
All prices do not include shipping




2 MOOG outer tie rods
Moog ES435RL Outer Tie Rod End

JVC Amp and 4 speakers
–JVC CS-ZX640 6-1/2″ 4-Way Coaxial 6.5″ Speaker System
–JVC CS-ZX6940 6″ X 9″ 4-Way Coaxial 6″X9″ Speaker System
–JVC KSAX5104 1000W Max 4-Channel DRVN Series Class
–Cadence WK42 4 Gauge 4 Channel Complete Car Amp

Brake drum shoes and cylinders
Wiper Linkage (original bushings were shot)
Both rear wheel opening mouldings (bought and had polished)
$50 for one $60 for the other – I had both mouldings clear stripped and then polished -$125

New turn signal cam – tried to use the She-mar(more like She-it-mar). Too much play, would not work. Ordered a Dorman.
NOS Right side inside door handle (this makes both inside door handles NOS)
Polished all v-top,windshield, and rear glass mouldins -$645
New valve stems 1-19
vinyl top, windshield and rear glass mouldings all polished ($650)
New floor mats (810 brown)
NEW front windshield ($250 + $100 install)

Good used right 1/4 glass (replaced and re-tinted 1-18)
1/4 trim pieces (go between interior 1/4 panel and carpet)

New glove box (Dearborn)
New heater blower motor
Used lower 1/4 trim pieces (between inner quarter panels and carpet)
Used right 1/4 glass – blueoval
NOS inside door hanlde
Good used kick panels
New Ford Sill Plates and labels ($130)
New sill screws
NOS rocker mouldings ($200)
NOS Drivers door moulding / NOS left and right 1/4 mouldings (this makes it so all side mouldings will be NOS except one fender moulding)
Door bumpers
Reveal moulding screws (only need 1)
L door side molding ($80)
New carpet -saddle ($150)
wheel opening screws
rear glass rubber ($80)
hood to cowl seal

New c6 Transmission- $920
Vinyl top- $400
Rear deck vinyl -$50
Reman. carb 2100 – $200

Door weather stripping (off of a fairly low mileage Torino). Excellent condition
Roof weather stripping (off of a fairly low mileage Torino). Excellent condition
Bought a used set of rear window reveal mouldings so I can choose the best from my orig set and the set I bought
Spare tire bolt and wingnut (already have the jack and stand)
New trunk key and lock
Left front wheel opening moulding
More clips – 10 clips for the door side mouldings.
3 window motors (all 4 will now be new – purchased other motor below) Right front and left rear are the same and vice versa)
NOS Passenger side moulding
NOS left fender extension (oops will only fit 1972)
Window motor (right front, which is also the left rear)
Various clips for rocker, and mouldings
window reveal moulding clips (100)
New Antenna
New trunk jack decal
New trunk mat

Trunk weatherstrip
New stainless cap 7/16″ bumper bolts
Door arm rest
New NOS grill emblem (Mercury)
Visor anchor pins
New rechromed rear bumper (to be installed after new paint)
New outside door handles
New underhood insulation and clips

Dual exhaust w/ Dynomax mufflers 8-25
Windshield wipers
Windshield washer motor
plugs and wires-9-20
NOS park lamps ($45)
Rust repair – left 1/4
Oil change – 9-20

New hi-beam headlights
New fender side molding
New chrome door lock knobs
Received 9-18-2012

Hopefully you can use some of these Montego Parts. Click on the thumbnail to purchase or contact seller
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