1972 Mercury Montego GT 429 Updates – December 2013

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All the links below include pics and info that shows work that was done during that particular month 9-2-2015 Article written by Chuck Green – Featured on the StreetLegalTV Online Magazine website.
Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

1972 Montego GT 429 – December Updates

2 heater
12-1 Received the new heater blower motor and fan

1 firewall
11-31 – 12-1 Stripped the firewall


3 firewall

4 firewall primed
12-1 Primed with epoxy primer

120613 firewall primed
12-6 Sealed the gaps

120613 firewall painted
12-6 Right after spraying. This looks gloss, but when dried it is a satin black

02 120713

01 120713
12-7 Heater after redoing – new fan and motor

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120913 powerbooster painted
12-9 Repainted a new brake power boosted along with the brake pedal and steering column brackets

121113 steering column before
12-11 Disassembled the steering column
Prepped and painted the main parts

121113 steering column
12-11 repainted the rag-joint and shafts

03 firewall painted
Week of 12-9
Starter installing firewall parts. New booster and master cylinder – throttle linkage, vacuum canister

This car was built 12-71. All Montegos built in late 71 had black firewalls. They later went with the same color as the exterior.

04 firewall
Started installing the interior parts – heater- a/c, heater box, column support – pedals
New ignition switch, brake switch, NOS brake pad (not shown in pic)


01 121213 steering column painted
12-11 took the column completely apart and redid it. The plastic sleeve was trashed. We reworked it. It along with the steel sleeve looks brand new. Also installed a new ignition switch and key cylinder. I looked over the turn signal switch and this seemed to be fine. So I will use the stock one.

02 121213 steering column painted

03 121213 steering column installed
12-12 Installed the column along with the new brake switch and NOS brake pad.


122013 dash
12-20 Started cleaning the dash

122013 knob polished
What the knobs looked like before I cleaned them and after. They look almost brand new

01 122713 dash top
Although I didn’t get a picture, both these parts were apart when I painted them.
The steel part (with the N code vin) was original. The pad is a very good pliable one that I bought about 5 months ago.
I sprayed the steel part 12-25 and the dash pad 12-27

02 122713 dash top
Another pic of both

03 122713 dash bottomsideup
After cleaning.
I ruined the “FASTEN SEAT BELT” light above the glove box, so I found another one.
I had taken compound to the red lens and it wore off some of the lettering

05 dash before install

04 before dash installed
Before the dash went in.

06 dash backside
Backside of the dash

07 dash installed
12-24 The dash is installed!!!!
I also installed the plastic 2 piece sleeve around the column

08 dash installed

12 30 turn signal installed

12 30 chrome pieces
12-30 Looks like the only pieces I need rechromed (besides the bumpers).
I may also end up doing the 1/4 glass crank handles, since these are shorter than the front. All the aftermarket handles like Dearborn sells, are the longer ones. Even though on their website, the picture shows the correct smaller handles.
I sent a pair back that I ordered. Hope they do have the short ones. If not, I’ll have to get those chromed.

Last update of 2013. Happy New Year.

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