1966 Chevy C-10 Short Bed Fleetside – December 2010

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December 2010
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01 new rockers
Installing new inner and outer rockers along with kick panels

02 brakes02

04 brakes04

03 brakes03

05 frame
December 20th – New crossmember, new fuel tank (90 ohm gauge)

Pics taken the day after I received the motor – December 30, 2010
You can see pics of the motor the day I got it here (December 29,2010)

In the meantime, still doing a ton of work to the cab. Figure it will be ready to paint within a month or so.

06 engine01

07 flywheel balanced

From this point on until I have it bolted in the frame, I did myself (a little nerve racking…but…been there, done that.
Filled the torque converter with fluid before installing. Started at about 4PM, and had it installed by 4:50.

White Racing Engines sent me a CD of the dyno of the motor.

07 engine02

08 engine

09 engine





10 engine

11 engine

13 engine
Got the carb back on – Quick Fuel 750 – Also bolted on the mini-starter along with the oil filter.
Converter bolted to the flexplate.