1966 C-10 Build – May updates

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Custom Classic Trucks  (February 2012 edition) 

May 2011
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Wiring is pretty much done. Only took about a week to do.

New steering column. Cut the slot and holes for the neutral safety switch

16 steering shaft
Looking at the underside of the left inner fender
Steering column is now linked to the steering box

17 fenderson
5/6/11 – Fenders are bolted on. Also did the cowl corners.
I finally pulled the paper off the top to see what the black looks like with the rest of the truck

18 fenders on

19 dash

20 grill
Just seeing what the grill will look like. Still have to bodywork the grill support.

21 dynamat

5/7/11 – Saturday’s project. Installation of the Dynamat

22 dynamat

23 wheels

4/11/11 – The wheels have arrived!!

24 wheels

Edit: Added 4/5/21 for reference
Post I added on the 67-72 C10 forum
Anyone have pics of a 60-66 with the Boss 338 wheels?
I did a search, and the only one I came up with is justbad’s truck (nice by the way).
Found some pics and useful info in the 67-72 forum, but their setup is a little different.

Here are my susp mods
front is disc with 13″ rotors (CPP Big Brake), with the 1.25” rotors
Rear is stock 66 C10 12 bolt with disc brakes/12″ rotors.
Seems to measure 62 1/2 wide from where the wheel mounts.
My SBF width seems to be 75″ wide from inner lip to inner lip.
So I come up with 12.5 total wheel mounting point to fender edge.
Divide that in half and I have 6.25 on each side from mounting point to lip edge

The Boss 338 20×10 has a 6.25 bs which leaves 3.75 up front.
+ I figure about an inch for the tire sidewall. So that adds up to 4.75

If what I figured works out, then I would have a gap of 1.5″ between the sidewall and the fender lip. + You also almost have to factor in the actual FAT lip of the Fleetsides. Almost 3″ or so from the outer lip to the sidewall. Probably too much, so I was thinking of running 1″ spacers.
Inside is no problem as I’ll be running some widened stock tubs.

A couple of things that concern me is the ‘spindle’ problem where the wheel will not fit the 1.25 rotor/spindle without modifying. Looks like Boss might have that corrected according to their blog. They only seem to fit the light duty 1″ thick rotors
Also, the backspacing, ONLY one choice for the 20×10 (6.25) for the rear wheel. Wish they had a 5.5 (like the Foose Legend).
I plan on going 18×8 up front and 20×10’s in the rear.

Sooooooo… looking for any pics of them on a 60-66.
Along with what you did to make them work.

25 wheels


All tires are came in. All are mounted…ready to rock ‘n roll….


34 tires

The first time the truck has sat on the ground in 8 months!!!

35 tires



The “Maiden Voyage”
video to be posted soon!

By the way, the truck died because I had too much fule pressure going to the carb.

Better video


26 outside1

27 outside2

28 outside3

29 outside4

30 outside5

31 outside6

32 outside7

33 outside8

Video of the truck at idle

36 moldings

I sent all the moldings off to be polished. The same guy that polished the front windshield moldings is doing these moldings.

37 moldings


38a inside hood
Underside of the ‘firetruck’ hood. No rust – all original paint

39a inside hood

38 inside hood
5/19/11 – Sprayed the inside of the hood

39 inside hood

40 hood
Hood painted 5/25/2011 (also painted other parts including grill surround)

41 hood


44 hood

45 hood

42 grill surround covers

43 grill surround covers

46 grill surround

47 grill surround

48 cowl cover

49 before grill

Hood is installed – 5/26
Parklamps installed. Went with clear lenses and yellow bulbs. 
Already tested. Works like a champ. With the new steering column the truck now has emergency flashers.

50 before grill

51 buff grill surround

Buffing the grill surround 5/29

52 headlight relays
My wiring for the headlights and horn relay. The two relays on the right are for the headlights

53 installation grill surro
Grill surround installed 5/29. Original surround

54 bumper install

First pics outside with the grill surround and the bumper. Bumper still needs to be aligned

Still have the core support to surround covers to install.

55 outside

56 underhood
Reflection off the underside of the hood (wetsanded and buffed this so it has an excellent reflection!!!

More pics taken 5/29/2011

57 outside

58 outside

59 outside

60 outside

61 outside

3 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    66 c-10 rebuild
    I have my Dad’s 1966 like yours & I am so excited looking at all your hard work! It is absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS!!! Love every little thing I have seen… Cannot wait to follow in your footsteps. I have 3 kids still at home though and it’s gonna be a while before I can do this. What would you suggest in getting a plan started toward this re-build? Where are you located?

  2. kin yaets says:

    1966 c-10 build

    This truck looks great and well done through all the steps. This is my favorite truck as I grew up in my dad's '65. Too many people throw together these truck's just to get them on the road and they look like @#$&*! They will call them show trucks and I tell them where they can show them at, the salvage. that's where they will be in 5 years or so. this truck of yours will last another 45years. Thank's for doing it right!!!!

  3. Dad says:

    REALLY looks great,

    REALLY looks great, Scotty. Love, Dad