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Recent website changes

I've spent alot of hours lately doing of changes to the website lately. I think for the best.

--Added a new 'Featured' table on the front page that rotates our specified Featured jobs. This was all written in PERL. It also has its own control panel.
--Added a Guestbook. I haven't had one of these on a site for years. Mainly because of spammers. But with the captcha, this should eliminate this.
Feel free to add a post 
--Changed the What's New section to be more like forum. This also lets you subscribe via RSS.
--Added a new Site Search on pretty much all pages of the site that will let you search 2500+ pages of the Attitude Custom Painting site. I used to have a site search that only search all pages EXCEPT the 4 main sections (Samples of Work, Customer Rides, Signature Sets, Pre-Owned Sets)
--Worked on the 'My Favorites'. Just cleaned this up a bit. You can add any job or Customer Rides post to your 'My Favorites'. You can come back anytime and click on the My Favorites and this will bring up any job you have saved. Sure beats just writing numbers and sections down!
--Added a 'shadowbox' that will encase the pictures in all our main sections. You click on one of the pics, and then you can scroll through the rest of the pics. No more needing to open and view a pic, then close the window for each pic.
--Updated some of the Answer Center. This section has just about everything you need to know on getting your bike painted by ACP.
--Redid the image directly below our header to showcase some of the more recent jobs we've done.

ACP | email
02/ 1/2008, 12:25 PM
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